There are two computer labs in the school in Primary as well as in Senior Secondary Wing to impart computer education to the students. The labs are equipped with the latest computers having 2nd generation i5 processor. Computer Science is taught as a compulsory subject from classes IV to X and as an elective subject for classes XI and XII. The curriculum up to class X has been designed with an innovative approach so as to keep abreast with the latest technology. IT is introduced this time as a skill subject in class IX.


Moti Ram Arya Sr. Sec. Model School is a beautiful dynamic space catering to the diverse educational research and recreational needs of the students and faculty. Our school library is a hub of many latest subscription of Novels, General Knowledge books, National Magazines, all major Hindi and English Newspapers. In addition to this, miniature of Mahabharata is also kept for the students which give moral lessons to them.


The school has two basketball courts, an outdoor badminton court, one ball badminton court, one volley ball court. Beside this, we also have a standardized football ground, indoor table tennis room and gymnastic apparatus. Apart from physical education instructor we do have specialized trainers for every game and sport including Taekwondo and Judo.


There are three science laboratories, one each for Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Modern in style and content and well stocked with equipment, instruments and data, the laboratories offer a rich experimental atmosphere and support. The laboratories are well lit, airy and spacious and every student gets his or her own equipment.


The auditorium is well ventilated and quite spacious with a large number of comfortable seating arrangement. It can easily accommodate seven hundred thirty people at a time. It has a beautiful octagonal structure with projection room, a main hall and an elevated stage with a fully equipped green room on its left. The stage of the auditorium has been specially built for plays and musical concerts. The light system on the stage incudes spot lights as well as various coloured dramatic lights for increased visibility. The auditorium has a Dolby sound system in place that has been installed by a leading sound expert. Emergency exit doors and fire extinguishers are installed in the auditorium for safety purpose. All in all, it is a treat for all students and teachers who can enjoy outstanding performances over here on special events.


The ideal classroom is a positive place where student can come to work towards a specific goals set before them in the class objectives. Our classrooms are technology enhanced learning classrooms that enhances the way of teaching and learning digitally. Very spacious, well lit and specially integrated with the digital displays, whiteboards, assistive listening devices and other audio/visual components that make lectures easier, more engaging and more interactive.