Principal’s Message

Invincible Spirit – Be Champions

Who Are Never Defeated        

“Not being defeated means having the courage to rise  to the challenge. However many times we’re knocked down, the important thing is that we keep getting up”

Dr. Seema Biji (Principal)

My Vision

The baton has just been handed over to me and I have begun my innings in the school….Before beginning I thought of sharing my vision….Being in the field of Education for the past 25 years I have developed a strong passion towards teaching and wish to be a torchbearer for my teachers and students….I feel honoured to be a part of Moti Ram Arya School which is known for its values and quality of Education.  Students are always close to my heart as they put life and give meaning to all our endeavours. I want my students to believe that school is the base of success for them and that each and every day is a new opportunity to shine in so many different ways. I want to empower my students with technology to support their learning and development. At the same time l want my students to appreciate that the school values them as an individual and in turn provide opportunities for them to do the things they love and are talented in. To be successful has become a need of the hour today. But what is our measure of success? What do we hold important as a milestone when we count on our success? Is it some position we hold? Or is it personal satisfaction that counts the most? I believe happiness and satisfaction is what should be our gauge to mark success in life.

This is where we as educators can be the torch bearers for our learners in their journey to develop that mantle which can allow them to face the challenges with strength, dignity and morals intact. As educators and teachers, we need to constantly set an example and be aligned with our students endeavours; both personal and educational. Teaching lessons and delivering lectures is I believe, a day to day task but preparing an individual for a life where he can himself

become an ideal example for others is the true calling of our profession. I want my teachers to believe that every day is a new opportunity for them to learn in the same way their students do.

As the Principal of Moti Ram Arya school, this is a vision I hold dear; to empower my teachers with the never give up attitude, to train them, help them and motivate them to become the magician in the life of their students-to help a child believe in his individual and unique goals. And want my students to have that perseverance and determination to choose the road less travelled to be able to face a crowd of multitude and yet be convinced of their dreams. Let the students hold on to their morals as the most valued possession and believe that goodness and honesty will always pay in the longer run.

Let students, parents and teachers inspire each other to strive for greater outcomes. I am sure parents would be actively working alongside teachers to achieve shared goals of bringing out the best in our children.

My vision without the support of management would be just a piece of paper. But I am fortunate that the management has a bigger vision and dreams than what I hold…I am going to support and work hard to actualize the dream vision of the management and our Director Mrs. Rachna Mahajan who is constantly striving to make Moti Ram Arya a dream world for students, parents and teachers. Let 2019 be the year of endless possibilities and hopes!

“Youth have immeasurable power. They have fearless vitality, the courage to rise to challenges and take initiative and shining eyes fixed squarely on the future. This  alone makes them wealthier than any tycoon.”