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Orientation Programme in MRA

The foundation for good parent teacher relationship is frequent and open communication, mutual respect and a clear understanding of what is best for an individual child. In pursuit of the same, MRA Sr. Sec. Model School, Sector 27A, Chandigarh organised an Orientation Programme for the students and parents of classes Pre Nur to  XII to familiarise them with the latest curriculum and assessment pattern for the current academic year 2022-23 .

The programme commenced with a warm welcome to the parents followed by enlightening the audience with the vision of the school.

The session was conducted by the Principal, Dr.Seema Biji for senior classes and Headmistress of the school Mrs Ramandeep Kaur took up the session with junior classes  Parents were addressed by showing a comprehensive PowerPoint Presentation through which parents were made aware of all the changes that took place in the school in the previous year from infrastructure to new add ons like French classes, Aeromodeling and  Artificial Intelligence.

She encapsulated the need to encounter the challenges of the education system and beckoned upon the parents to monitor the progress of their children and nurture their confidence. 

She shared subject specific strategies with parents which comprised of all the important elements like punctuality, marks distribution, timely submission of assignments, goal setting and effective study schedule. She also advised students to eliminate distractions from their life and concentrate on effective studies.  She also told parents the importance of Sustainable Goals by showing small documentary on it.

Icing on the cake was the Motivational Video on Parenting which laid emphasis on the active involvement of parents in the upbringing of their wards and on active synergy among parents and teachers for the holistic development of the child.

Mr Sudhendu Honorary Adviser IT, the guest speaker of the day, made parents aware of the menace of fast escalating cyber threats and apprised them about the preventive measures necessary to pre-empt such threats. Not only this, parents were being introduced with an Aeromodeling course by Mr Daaman an Aeromodeling Instructor. 

Moreover, students of class XI enacted a French play so as to introduce parents with the importance of new language as a subject.

The programme came to a close with an announcement of position holders in various classes.

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