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Christmas Celebrations

The month of December brings a lot of warmth, hope and glad tidings. To spread the message of love and good cheer, MRA Senior Secondary Model School primary and Secondary classes with great ambience and aura presented a spectacular assembly on the occasion of the world’s most loved and celebrated festival, Christmas

The School Principal, Dr Seema Biji, elucidated the students on the true essence of the festival .She gave the message that Christmas is a tonic for our souls. It moves us to think of others rather than of ourselves. She asked the students to spread the essence of Christmas with love and joy of giving.

The festivity of Junior Wing under the able guidance of our headmistress Ms. Ramandeep Kaur began with fun activities for junior MRAites who actively showed their participation in the lemon-spoon race, and splash. Kids dressed in red, also danced to the beats of ‘Jingle bells’ and had a zestful party The event of Juniors marked its end with the distribution of surprise gifts by teachers. 

The celebration of Middle and Senior wing was embroidered with Christmas carols, dance performances, poems , speeches and skits – all conveying a deep message. The Senior Secondary students   also danced to perfection and enthralled one and all  with their rhythm and perfect coordination.  Then the Christians Carols were sung by the students. Everyone got drowned in the happy festive vibes. The students brilliantly presented melodious Christmas Carols like ‘Joy to the World, Jingle bells The sound of Carols, the joy in the atmosphere filled up the surroundings and made the Christmas Assembly more effervescent.. The entry of Santa Claus took everyone by surprise and was the highlight of the event.

The skit, especially, performed by Class  XI students, covered the harsh realities of Indian society, making everyone aware of what gifts India needs from Santa this Christmas as a whole.

The event ended with distribution of donations collected by our students for a child helpline an NGO.Not only that the student council on behalf of the students distributed goodies to the housekeeping staff as well thereby bringing smiles on their faces. The children carried home the message of caring and sharing as well as the pleasure and pride of spreading peace, true to the spirit of celebration. The students truly learnt the lesson of giving  and donating. The Christmas celebration became a big hit The event was fulfilled with great bustle and bliss!

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